A New Asset Class; A New level of diversification

  • Invest in SME Loans
  • Get steady cashflows with returns of up to 10%
  • Diversify your portfolio beyond stocks and bonds
  • Invest in SME Loans
  • Get steady cashflows
    with returns of up to 10%
  • Diversify your portfolio
    beyond stocks and bonds


How it works

1. Explore

Browse SME loan projects, credit scored by our proprietary algorithm

2. Invest

Select loan projects or use our auto invest tool to build your target portfolio

3. Get returns

Receive monthly cash flows (principal & interest) directly into your account

How is PeerPower different?

4 decades of industry experience

Invest with a team that has over 4 decades of industry experience in financial services and top-tier technology firms.

You’re in Control

Our platform puts you in control of your investments. Create your target portfolio based on loan terms (loan amount, loan horizon, loan purpose) and credit grades that you are interested in. Opt for our auto invest tool based on criteria that you set.

Risk management

We manage risk by lending only to creditworthy borrowers, while our platform enables investors to spread risk across many different loans.

Productive Capital

Invest in businesses that are putting capital into productive use i.e., growth capital, working capital, debt consolidation. Your investments are helping Thai businesses with good credit to get a better deal.

“With PeerPower, I can now access investments that were once the domain of the banks. My investments have performed strongly and added a new level of diversification to my portfolio.”

Barry Johnston, Investor since April, 2014

Investor FAQs

Who can invest?

Currently, PeerPower accepts investments from Accredited Investors, these are:

  • Juristic entities with more than 40M baht in investments & deposits or 20M baht in securities
  • High-net-worth Individuals with more than 50M baht net worth or 10M baht in securities or 4M in annual income
What are my funds invested in?

Funds are invested in a fraction of SME loans. Only borrowers who meet PeerPower’s stringent requirements are listed on the platform and made available to investors.

How do I get my money back?

Your portfolio is made up of many individual loans. Each time borrowers make scheduled loan repayments, the money is transferred into your account. You may choose to reinvest these repayments or withdraw these funds. Funds which have been deployed to loans may not be terminated before their maturity date.

What are the returns?

Investors currently receive between 6% and 12% as a gross return on each loan (after deduction of PeerPower’s Service Fee and depending on the borrower’s credit grade).

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