Your Prosperity, Our Pursuit

Earn steady cashflows and diversify your investment across multiple SME loans through a trusted online lending marketplace

A New Asset Class

Better returns

Attractive yields (up to 11.4%) tailored to your risk appetite

Truly diversified asset class

Uncorrelated to other asset classes i.e., equities, bonds etc.

Monthly cash flows

Stable cashflows of Interest AND Principal

A New Level of Diversification

Diversification within asset class

Diversification across asset class

Savvy investors take a portfolio approach across asset classes in order to balance risk and returns. Returns on marketplace loans are uncorrelated to equities, bonds and property investments.
Diversification across multiple asset classes

Diversification across marketplace loans

PeerPower enables investors to invest in loan fractions. Typically, investors would have exposure across 15 or more loans across loan terms and sectors i.e., services, retail trade, IT etc.
Risk management

Our Risk Management Procedures

PeerPower services loans end-to-end. We harness technology across credit management and risk-based pricing. Only borrowers who meet PeerPower’s stringent requirements are listed on the platform and made available to investors. PeerPower adheres to strict credit control protocols and works closely with a collections partner to manage default risk.

Invest with Purpose

Invest in credit-worthy Thai SMEs that will deploy funds to productive, clearly stated business purposes. Loan terms range from 0.5-5M Thai baht; 6-month to 2-year terms, and nominal rates of 8-15% per year.
Top 4 Industries
  1. Services
  2. Retail Trade
  3. IT
  4. Production
Loan Purpose
  • Working Capital
  • Expansion
  • Refinancing

Investment Details

Minimum Investment
100,000 THB
Up to 11.4%*
6 - 24 Months
*11.4% is annual investment return of total platform loans in 2018. Individual investor returns may vary

How to Invest

Open an account
You will go through a short suitability questionnaire and be required to upload documents that confirms your Accredited Investor status.
Explore the marketplace
Go through our loan listings and build a diversified loan portfolio. You can select business loans to invest in yourself or enroll in automated investing
Track scheduled payments
Track portfolio returns, monthly interest AND principal cashflows on our online dashboard


Accredited Investors may participate as investors on PeerPower's platform, which the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) defines as:
Institutional investors such as commercial banks, mutual funds, private funds, public companies, private equity trust and venture capital;
Qualifications of high-net-worth investors
High-net-worth individual (HNWI)
Must pass one of the following criteria (can be combined with that of spouse)
  • Has at least 50 million baht in total assets
  • Has 4 million baht in annual income
  • Has 10 million baht investment in securities (ii)
  • Qualified investor
A juristic person
Must pass one of the following criteria
  • Has shareholder equity of at least 100 million baht
  • Has securities investment of at least 20 million baht

Investor Stories

Investor review from Chitravat Mahatchawaroj
"PeerPower is strict throughout the risk assesment process. The borrower's credit assessment is so effective that the default rate of my portfolio remains 0%."
Chitravat Mahatchawaroj
Business Owner
Investor review from Chitravat Mahatchawaroj
"PeerPower is a great alternative for investors these days, especially when the market conditions are volatile"
Huththajchai Srisuphonvanij
Full-time investor