PeerPower is an online platform that enables investors to invest in SMEs.

As the online world is expanding, technology has been utilized to solve the financial problems. PeerPower platform is designed to connect Investor and Borrower, by assessing and offering creditworthy SMEs through Online Marketplace Lending for investors to invest.

Mobile Sale
Sme side

1. Small-to-medium Enterprise

need capital for business with personalized interest rate

Investor side

2. Investors

seek an alternative investment that has an attractive return to diversify their portfolio

Marketplace Lending provides better returns

Marketplace Lending is an investment similar to Government Bond or Short term Bond, where it gives return in form of interest payments. However, when comparing its return to other similar asset classes, the return of Marketplace Lending is four times higher than others in the same investment period.

Marketplace Lending vs. Traditional Fixed Income

PeerPower Marketplace
Lending gives

11.4%* p.a. return.

*11.4% is the return of PeerPower’s Online Marketplace Lending in 2018. Return of each investor may vary.

Risk Management is PeerPower’s first priority

Only creditworthy businesses who pass through our Credit Scoring and Assessment can borrow through PeerPower. However, there are chances that some businesses will not be able to fully pay their loans. PeerPower has designed and built a system to mitigate this risk for investors to get the expected returns and reduce the damage from the default loans.


1. Machine Learning Credit Model

Our proprietary credit scoring model uses thousands of data points to assess the creditworthiness of every business that applies.


2. Diversification

Our Marketplace allows investors to spread their lending across many businesses in different industries. Investor can invest partially in each loan, since the required minimum investment for each loan is 10% of the loan amount.


3. Payment Collection

We manage borrower’s repayment for the investors and notify via dashboard. In case of late loans, our Collection team will be activated since day 1.