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Through a dedicated investment vehicle, investors can start investing by:

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3. Receive Return

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*11.4%: what PeerPower returned to investors at the end of 2018. Returns of each investor may vary.
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Benefits of investing with PeerPower

Minimum Investment

starts at 100,000 THB

Average return at

11.4%* per annum

Investment Period

6 - 24 months

*11.4%: what PeerPower returned to investors at the end of 2018. Returns of each investor may vary.

Invest in creditworthy SMEs who have potential growth and ability to pay back.
Enhance your diversification by spreading your investment in businesses in various industries.
Avoid market fluctuations and get stable income as a legal creditor of the borrower.
Bear with only one major risk which is Default risk. About 98.4% of PeerPower loans are current or fully paid in 2018.

About Borrower

Invest in credit-worthy Thai SMEs who need funds for business purposes. Loan terms range from 0.5-5M THB; 6-24 months; and interest rates of 8-15% per year.

Top 4 Industries

Top 4 Industries

Retail Trade
Information Technology
Loan Purpose

Loan Purpose

Working Capital
Business Expansion
Project Investment


PeerPower focuses on Non-retail investors which the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)defines as:
  1. Institutional investors and High net worth investors i.e.
    • an individual who has at least 50 million baht in total assets or 4 million baht in annual income or 10 million baht investment in securities (can be combined with that of spouse) or
    • a juristic person having shareholder equity of at least 100 million baht or securities investment of at least 20 million baht.
  2. Private Equity Trust
  3. Venture Capital
  4. Qualified investor i.e. a person who has knowledge and expertise in business operation or investment or has assessed the value of business operator or has given advice for business development for at least three years such as financial advisor, analyst, business incubator, director or executive responsible for investment of institutional investors or business executive, etc. In this regard, such person shall have at least five million baht invested directly in stocks
PeerPower is operating legally under the commercial code of Thailand. PeerPower is working towards Debt Crowdfunding licensing with the SEC (Thailand Securities and Exchange Commission) which is expected to be completed in 2019.

Investor Stories

Investor review from Chitravat Mahatchawaroj
"PeerPower is rigorous in its credit assessment process. My portfolio with PeerPower has consistently outperformed traditional bonds and equities."
Chitravat Mahatchawaroj
Business Owner
Investor review from Chitravat Mahatchawaroj
"PeerPower is a great alternative for investors these days, especially when the market conditions are volatile"
Huththajchai Srisuphonvanij
Full-time investor