Better Rates to POWER your business

8% to 22%
3 to 24 Months
Funding amount
2M to 100M THB

Calculate Monthly Repayment

Qualifications and Documents

You are eligible for a PeerPower Debt Crowdfunding Bond Issuer if:

  1. Your business is registered in Thailand as a company limited or an unlisted public company limited and has operated more than two years.
  2. Your business has at least one Thai shareholder (at least 20% share holding), who is actively operating the business and residing in Thailand.

Company document

  1. List of all Shareholders
  2. Latest Audited Financial Statements
  3. Primary bank statement for the past 6 months
  4. Credit Reports from National Credit Bureau

Shareholders document

  1. Copies of ID Cards (or Passports)
  2. Credit Reports from National Credit Bureau
  3. Primary bank statement for the past 6 months

Quick & Easy to Apply

Application step
Apply Online
Complete our online application and upload your documents
Accept offer
Our online system assesses your credit profile and provides you with a quote within 5 working days
Visit your establishment
Our team will go to visit your business establishment, interview main shareholders and summarize the final offer
Get listed
Once you accept our terms, we will match you with investors on our debt crowdfunding platform
Get your funds
Once matched with investors, you will sign the required documents and receive funds in your bank account