Financial Freedom and Fairness

Our mission is to enable financial freedom and fairness

Diverse Background, One Culture

We’re a team of experienced business leaders with over four decades of collective experience in investment banking, risk management and tech. As diverse as our backgrounds are, we are unified in our culture. Here are our core values:
  • Default to open. We believe there’s nothing we can’t discuss as a team - be it constructive feedback or a novel idea.
  • Make each other better. We look out and support each other’s development both personally and professionally.
  • Make sure it’s fun and get things done. There isn’t a dull day here at PeerPower - there’s lots to do and a great team to journey with together.
Our first principle is about building a Trusted Platform - and we strive to align our culture, mindset and actions with that. We enable trusted transactions between people and businesses.

With the current economic environment, we believe we can help Borrowers to secure better rates and Investors to achieve better returns. In the longer term, we want to support the ecosystem through partnerships and product extensions.

We believe the world of financial services is moving towards a customer-centric and frictionless one. And we will do our part to make customers’ financial lives Smarter, Better and Faster... because although life isn't fair, hassle-free financial access should be.
Jim (Vorapon Ponvanit), Founder & CEO of PeerPower Company Limited, has over 18 years of experience in investment banking. Jim worked in Morgan Stanley in New York and Hong Kong before co-founding a boutique consulting firm, which specializes in mergers and acquisitions, structured finance, capital raising, and liability restructuring.
Vorapon Ponvanit (Jim), Founder & CEO
Enabling financial freedom and fairness requires a new way of approaching pain-points and gaps in the market today - there are no clear answers. So we focus on creating a work environment where the open exchange ideas are valued. That way we can deliver a product that our users love and trust.
Born and raised in Thailand, educated in the UK, Prapat has many years of work experiences in information technology field. He has worked in several industries, from finance to oil and gas. Having worked in various sizes of an organization, both big and small, he has experimented different framework and procedures which can be applied to building and scaling a startup. As a Thai building a product for Thais, Prapat is dedicated to develop a localized platform that contains a world-class standard.
Prapat Shantavasinkul (Q), CTO
I was drawn to PeerPower because of the unique business model that I believe is much needed in Thailand. There’s a great culture at PeerPower - we’re a power-packed team of smart and humble people. Everyone’s voice is heard, everyone’s ideas matter.
Ben left a large corporate with over 1,000 staff to join PeerPower. With a team of less than ten people, that was a major shift in her professional life. She was drawn to PeerPower because of the unique business model that she believes is much needed in Thailand. Moreover, she is drawn by the great culture at PeerPower, where there are a power-packed team of smart and humble people, everyone’s voice is heard and everyone’s ideas matter.
Kunlanit Tungsirisurp, Business Operations Manager
One in three Thais have some form of financial debt. And this trend is growing for those embarking on their first job. I believe education is at the core of this issue. And I believe there is a better way to enable people to make responsible financial decisions and help them achieve their personal aspirations
Lalna comes from a linguistics background and started out her career in Tech where she discovered her passion for marketing - from user insights to building a compelling product proposition.
Lalna Watewilai, Marketing Lead

Job Openings

If you enjoy building something that has the potential to grow and outlast you, if you believe that a group of dedicated and passionate individuals can positively impact the world (or at least an industry); this is the place for you.
Why you’ll love it here:
  • First-row view into disrupting finance services
  • Opportunity to work with humble and smart people with diverse experience (previously from Morgan Stanley, Google, Rabbit Finance)
  • Easygoing, energetic, and results-driven culture

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