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– Today, investors are unhappy with low deposit rates of 0-3%. On the other hand, borrowers pay high interest rate of 20-28% for personal loan. We call this the “Funding Gap”.


– PeerPower bridges the gap, allowing investors to lend directly to the borrowers and getting each side better rates, currently 8-15%.

How does it work for borrowers

  1. Apply online application
  2. Getting their loan funded on marketplace
  3. Repayments through auto deduction from payroll account

How does it work for investors

  1. Explore the marketplace
  2. Start investing
  3. Receive month returns

Revenue Model

– We charge one time up front fee from borrowers of 3-4% origination fee, and ongoing monthly fee from investors of 1.5% servicing fee.

Traction(Regulatory Progress)

– Trust is at our heart of our platform. We have been engaged with the Bank of Thailand from the start. We expect P2P Lending Act to be issued in Q2 2017 and follow by our mass market launch in Q3 2017. Meantime, we are doing testing and Private Beta and finalizing our partnerships in the next few months.


– We have a strong team of decades of experience of finance, technology, cyber security, risk management and marketing. We are bounded together with 3 simple core value; We make each other better. We are default to open. And we make sure it’s fun and get things done.

Contact us if you want to be part of our team!