Marketplace Lending as an asset class

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As investors, we often discuss the benefits of diversification.

For example, we may think of splitting our investment portfolio into REITs, blue chips and small cap stocks. In reality, this is not asset allocation as all 3 groups are under the equity class – this is just diversification within one asset class.


The Future of FinTech for SMEs

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) represent the backbone of Thailand. SMEs account for 81% of employment in Thailand and contributes 37% of the nation’s GDP. They also represent the main innovation driver in many sectors, and exploiting their full potential would benefit both the economy and society in general.


Personal Loans 101

What are personal loans?

Personal loans are loans issued to those who need a source of funding to pursue their financial projects. They are issued by banks, credit unions or online lenders to borrowers. Common examples of personal loan use cases are house renovation, vacation, wedding organization or a business start-up. The loans can also be used to consolidate high interest credit card debt.


Know Your Credit Score: Why Good Credit Matters

The SEA region has limited resources for learning about personal credit

Financial literacy and fintech are empowering Asian credit consumers to participate in the evolution taking place in the lending market. 

Financial literacy is an essential life skill. Currently there’s a lack of understanding among many Thais on finance fundamentals. Many people we’ve spoken to at outreach events have said they don’t know what their credit score is, or how it works. (more…)